Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Christianity is a creation-centered teaching — Francis Schaeffer

"We always should realize, and I cannot say it often enough, that Christianity is a creation-centered teaching. It is not that suddenly for some strange reason out of nowhere if you accept Christ as Savior you are in. That is a part of a total structure. Christianity is a system, and I would say that I have no apology for using the word system, though it must not be allowed to be a mere academic system or theoretical or dead intellectualism. In the proper sense of the word, God is systematic in His creation and revelation.

It has got to be the whole man coming to know this is truth, acting upon it, living it out in his life, and worshiping God. But it is a system, it begins with the fact that there is a Creator, there is the God, the triune God who has existed forever. He has created all things, so there is nothing autonomous from Him."

— Francis Schaeffer (1982). The complete works of Francis A. Schaeffer: a Christian worldview (Vol. 1, p. 186). Westchester, IL: Crossway Books.

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